ISLAMABAD - Three new international standard cycling tracks will be available to citizens of Islamabad after Eid holidays. These three cycling tracks are being built at Faisal Avenue, Margalla Road and F-6. ICT Administration, CDA and MCI teams have started joint working to make these tracks available for citizens of Islamabad immediately after Eid holidays. For this purpose the teams of all three departments will continue their work even during Eid holidays.

Cycling tracks are available in major cities across the world. Although hiking facilities were available in Islamabad but proper cycling facilities were missing. After COVID-19 and its consequences, cycling is getting more attraction among citizens across the world.

Islamabad Administration therefore decided to provide cycling tracks to people residing in Islamabad and ensured immediate implementation of the decision.

All international standard facilities will be available to cyclists on these tracks including lighting for cycling at night. One out of these three tracks is being rehabilitated while two are new. ICT administration, CDA and MCI teams have completed the initial work for cycling tracks. Machinery from MPO is being moved to the locations of these cycling tracks which will start working from tomorrow.  The work on construction of cycling tracks will continue even during Eid holidays.