Just like Palestinians, the Kashmiris, too, have been paying for the colonial policy of ‘divide and rule.’ While the international community’s silence on Palestine can be chalked off to age-old strategic motives, one wonders what to make of its ignorance of India’s sinister designs for Kashmir. Pakistan’s Foreign Office (FO) has justly rejected India’s new Kashmir domicile rules that the Indian government recently notified at a time when the globe’s focus is on fighting COIVD-19. It is even visible to a blind person that the new guidelines will change the demographics of the region. India, while failing to suppress the Kashmiris’ struggle by force, is erecting a legal framework to dilute the Kashmiris’ right to self-determination.

And the Hindutva ideology will not be satiated by just engulfing Kashmir, as is visible from the warmongering statements of the incumbent Indian government. Pakistan’s Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan and FO have rightly dismissed the Indian officials’ assertions regarding Pakistan’s involvement in Kashmir’s militancy. Pakistan has appealed to the world to reign in India time and again, while it is busy in creating an opportunity for a false-flag operation against Islamabad. The world needs to focus on the changing situation in South Asia. The global powers must intervene, not only to put a stop to India’s aggression against Pakistan but also resolve the Kashmir dispute.

Besides, if one of the two countries is interfering in the internal affairs of another, it is India. New Delhi’s involvement in Balochistan is an open secret. Many Baloch militant groups themselves admit that India assists them in destabilising Pakistan; Indian officials has asserted the same in both candid and official statements. The recent attacks on Pakistan’s armed forces that resulted in the martyrdom of seven soldiers can be traced back to India’s involvement in Pakistan’s internal affairs. Yet the attitude of the two sides is poles apart. While Islamabad does not point fingers without reason, New Delhi is keen on fanning the flames of war with its baseless accusations and warmongering.