PESHAWAR - Foreign graduate doc­tors have demanded RMP (Registered Medical prac­titioner) status to utilize their services amid the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

While addressing a press conference here at Peshawar Press Club on Wednesday, a group of doctors headed by For­eign Doctors’ Alliance President Dr Faizullah Khan said that at least 5,000 foreign gradu­ate doctors are jobless in the county, but the government was least bothered to avail their services amid corona outbreak.

Flanked by Dr Me­hmood Afridi, Dr Adnan, and others, Dr Faizullah Khan pointed out that in such situation the status of more than 5,000 for­eign graduate doctors in the country remained ambiguous, as the gov­ernment was disappoint­ing them on name of li­censing examination.

“We need provisional licenses so that the grad­uates will complete their house jobs,” he said.

Dr Faiz said that with­out license the doctors were neither allowed to practice medicines even privately nor let take ad­mission abroad for high­er education, which he termed sheer injustice with them, rather viola­tion of the constitution. He said that without get­ting registered with the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), the MBBS degree holders were unable to get job anywhere in the country.

The alliance president Dr Faiz also said that graduates had complet­ed their studies from var­ious developed countries mostly from China, but they were not allowed to take exam for license due to the covid-19 pandemic.