PESHAWAR - The King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Program for Charity Works (KAAP), Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), has donated COVID-19 emergency healthcare assistance to the Provin­cial Disaster Management Authority, Relief, Rehabilitation & Settlement (RR&S), Department, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to control the spread of COVID-19.

The ceremony was held at the Lo­cal Government Secretariat, Pesha­war, with Advisor to Chief Minister on Local Government, Kamran Ban­gash as chief guest. Dr. Farooq Jamil, Special Secretary Health, Tabassum, Director Relief, Sajid Imran, Director Rehabilitation, PDMA, IsDB Group Representative in Pakistan, Inamul­lah Khan, Project Manager Pakistan Mobile Clinic, Murat Kavakdan and representatives of the KP Health and RR&S Departments were also pres­ent on the occasion.

The IsDB Representative gave a de­tailed presentation about their pro­gram. He stated that IsDB is working with Ministry of Economic Affairs and National Health Services to pro­vide them financing of $70 million for COVID-19 emergency response.

He explained that KAAP IsDB has allocated a grant of $0.42 million for health emergency relief package for KP and Sindh. “We appreciate cour­age, compassion, and commitment of frontline doctors, nurses and par­amedical staff and hope to pro­vide them an enabling environment through provision of PPEs,” he added.

The KAAP, IsDB in collaboration with Health & RR&S Departments have identified list of protective gears or PPEs for healthcare pro­viders working in Hospitals/Health Facilities and Isolation Wards des­ignated for treatment of COVID-19 Patients in KP.

The donation includes 17,500 dis­posable gowns, 1,200 N95 Masks, 1,200 goggles, 17,500 latex exam­ination gloves, 17,500 face masks, 17,500 disposable caps, 10,000 hand sanitizers, 40 infrared ther­mometers, 7,000 antiseptic soaps, 1,200 face shields, 8,000 bio hazard bags and 30,000 shoe covers.

The KAAP-IsDB in collaboration with PDMA is also going to launch an awareness campaign to create public awareness through print, electronic and social media in KP and Sindh for the prevention of this pandemic.

Tabassum and Sajid Imran, Direc­tors PDMA appreciated the time­ly emergency medical assistance of PPEs for the frontline healthcare providers and assured that it will be immediately provided to the hospi­tals, health facilities and isolation wards designated for the treatment of COVID-19 patients in Khyber Pa­khtunkhwa.

Speaking on the occasion, Kam­ran Bangash thanked the KAAP IsDB for the generous support extended to the KP government, which would immensely help in enhancing the safety of our healthcare profession­als in fighting against the pandemic COVID-19.