PESHAWAR - KP Minister for Health Taimur Jhagra has said that the ratio of recovery from coronavirus is the highest in the province with 31 per cent.

“Lockdown is not the final solu­tion to coronavirus, rather it helped in planning against corona­virus and in increasing health facil­ities,” the minister said in a press conference here on Wednesday.

He said that the recovery per­centage of Coronavirus patients in KP is the highest in the country, adding timely decisions and lock­down helped in planning against coronavirus. Corona testing has been increased by 50 percent.

Jhagra said that they had entered the next phase after lockdown. The effectiveness of lockdown has been proved and the infection rate has declined. Due to this lockdown, the provincial government has been more capable in handling the spread of coronavirus.

About 200 isolations centers have been established, that have a ca­pacity of 5598 beds. Likewise, 359 quarantine centers have been estab­lished and 550 ventilators have been specified for coronavirus patients.

Jhagra said that the recovery percentage of coronavirus pa­tients in KP is 31 percent, which is the highest in the country.

The doctors and the discipline of the public deserve the credit for these recoveries. He also said that while virus testing in the rest of the country had been increased by 30 percent, the province had in­creased it to 50 percent.