NAWABSHAH - Hari Welfare Association (HWA) Sindh held a press conference at local Press Club Nawabshah to express its deep concerns for the non-implementation of the Sindh Bonded Labour System Abolition Act (SBL­SAA) of 2015 especially in the pandemic of COVID-19 and lockdown situation on Wednesday.

While speaking to the media persons, HWA’s pres­ident, Akram Ali Khaskheli grieved that lack of eco­nomic activities in rural and semi urban areas of Sindh have pushed workers to become slaves and bonded labourers.

The president said that many worker and peasant families migrated to differ­ent districts for livelihoods and often returned to their homes with somehow mea­ger resources but the cur­rent conditions had brought an end to their seasonal migratory movement for livelihoods, and had also pushed them to work for the landlords on nominal wages and shares.