ISLAMABAD - Following the IMF conditions, the government is considering to impose annually Rs 25,000 to 40,000 flat rate tax on agricultural land. Agricultural tax will be charged at flat rates from the farmers of Arid and Irrigated areas. According to the recommendation prepared by Ministry of Finance, tax might be imposed on 25 acres of irrigated and 50 acres of arid land holdings. A senior official of Ministry of Finance informed WAQT news that this step is being taken on the demand of International Monetary Fund. But the important thing in this agreement was that the farmers have to pay the tax whether he sows any agriculture product or not. According to the sources, this task will be given to provincial governments and letters have been sent to them to work out recommendations in this regard. It is the first time in the history of Pakistan that such kind of flat rate of agriculture tax is being introduced by the government. At this time, farmers of 12.5 acre of agricultural land are paying 150 rupees per acre and more than 12.5 acres the farmers are paying 250 rupees per acre. Agriculture sector of the country is already paying more 30 taxes. Levying of tax on farm incomes has been an issue as old as the state of Pakistan, but all attempts to the effect have been met with failure due to efforts of the anti-tax lobby.Govt may slap flat rate tax on agri land.