Given hereunder are the views of former diplomat Akram Zaki on the state of country's economy. We have the worst form of capitalism that has drained the middleclass and impoverished the poor. The capitalist system has failed and future of the world as well as that of Pakistan lies in socialism. Prosperity will remain a dream in the absence of a mixed economy. The collapse of former USSR was confused with demise of a system that was wrong. Now the West is spending billions to take big corporations into state control. The US hated the word 'regulation' and this hatred has landed it into a debt of 10.5 trillion dollars. The masses in Pakistan have always been in crisis but now the small clique of the country's robbing elite that had been aligned with the US is in crisis. The state has no control over its resources and a better word for the privatization being carried out at present is robbery. The culprits of this robbery, though, have never been brought to book. Not a single unit has been sold in a transparent manner in the privatization history of the country. Our country has been turned into is a heaven for importers as we have been made badly dependent on imports. Pakistan should not import anything above its payment capacity. Former Chief Justice SC Iftikhar Chaudhry tried to provide social justice and did a favour to the country by blocking sale of the Pakistan Steel Mills, which was actually a bid to de-industrialize the country. The political parties have failed as they have been serving interests of the feudal, US, UK and India. -DR. MURTAZA MUGHAL, Islamabad, November 19.