The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) takes this opportunity to congratulate Barack Obama on his historic victory in the presidential election of 2008. In electing him to office, the nation saw in Barack Obama an individual with the mental clarity to understand our needs, the moral character to uphold our principles, and the humility to seek counsel when in doubt. His roots, which stretch from Hawaii to Jakarta, from Harvard Square in Massachusetts, to Hyde Park, Chicago, will prove invaluable as he goes about serving a nation that needs now, more than ever, someone as culturally diverse as him. We trust he will seek wise counsel and keep faith in God Almighty. Barack Obama's victory is great especially because it, finally, allows America of practice in what it has preached to others for so long. It allows America to close the gap that separated its humanitarian ideals from its social ambitions. America has finally lived up to its promise. As for the rest of the world, results of this US election give hope to citizens everywhere that this nation may now be willing to extend the sweep of its lofty principles to include them as well. We at ISNA offer our full support to Mr. Obama and to his administration and look forward to working with him in the future. -HASAN SHABBIR, USA, November 18.