Islamabad - Security forces killed at least five terrorists while one soldier was injured in an encounter that took place at Asman Manza and Ladha area in South Waziristan, ISPR said on Friday. According to the statement issued here, security forces carried out a search operation in Faqirano area near Torwam located on the Shakai-Kaniguram Axis. Terrorists fired using small arms and rockets at Asman Manza and Ladha during an encounter where 5 terrorists were killed while one soldier got injured. Security forces conducted a clearance operation at Yarga Khel near Gani Khel and Lalejai near Tarkano Narai and destroyed 3 terrorist compounds. On the Jandola-Sararogha Axis, security forces carried out area domination and consolidation of their positions at Janata and recovered a huge cache of arms and ammunition. Security forces also cleared a built-up area around Spinkai and road Spinkai Mandana. On the Razmak-Makeen Axis, security forces defused 9 IEDs in Kam Narakai area and recovered arms and ammunition. Moreover, a total of 13,440 Cash Cards have been issued to displaced families of Waziristan as part of relief measures by the government. Meanwhile in Swat, 3 terrorists surrendered to forces at Jumbad Maira near Tilligram, while security forces at Nawan Killi and Malakand Fort apprehended six other suspects.