RAWALPINDI (APP) - The domestic consumers were wasting 70 percent of natural gas owing to inefficient home appliances which could be saved for commercial and industrial sectors, Managing Director, Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Company Limited (SNGPL), Rashid Lone said on Wednesday. Our home appliances especially room heaters and geysers are 30 percent efficient while their efficiency in Western countries is up to 88 percent, he told in an interview. He informed that SNGPL has allocated Rs. 50 million to create awareness for gas conservation among consumers. Now, the domestic consumers are more cautious in using this cheapest fuel and as a result they are also saving their hard-earned money, he added. Rashid Lone disclosed that 20pc natural gas is coming from Balochistan, 70 percent from Sindh while the remaining 10 percent from NWFP and Potohar region. It is a misconception that bulk of the natural gas is being produced by Balochistan rather the gas reserves in Sui will completely be depleted in next five years, he maintained. Regarding gas management to commercial and industrial units, he said that this issue would be resolved amicably through a dialogue with stakeholders. He said there will not be any gas load shedding for the domestic consumers during this winter season. About the new discoveries, he said that Pakistan is fortunate where success rate of new discoveries is very high. Criticizing the previous governments, he said the policy to provide natural gas to the remote areas was wrong. He however informed that the present government has put a ban on further gas supply to new areas during the next three years. At present, he said, 3,800 million cubic feet of gas is being produced per day out of which 800 million cubic feet gas is directly going to the fertilizer units. He informed that 112 million cubic feet per day gas is being supplied to industrial sector in Islamabad-Rawalpindi, out of which CNG stations are consuming 52 million cubic feet per day. The Managing Director said in winter season, gas supply to the cement and power sector is totally stopped for three months, while fertilizer factories are also closed down for 20 days in January on rotation. He informed that the monopoly of two big gas distribution companies will come to an end when private sector will jump in year 2010. About availability of sufficient gas in future, he said new compressor will be installed at Qadirpur Gas field to maintain the flow. He said work on Pak-Iran Gas pipeline will start during next month, adding the 800 kilometer long pipeline from Iranian border to Nawabshah will be completed in three years. Rashid Lone said the gas pricing formula between the two nations has already been signed under which Pakistan will purchase 750 million cubic feet gas per day. Responding to a question regarding corruption, he said the Company was able to totally eradicate this menace from top level but there are some complaints against lower level staff which are being addressed. He said SNGPL has sent a letter to the Punjab government that prior to running CNG buses and setting up new 'tandoors in the province, it should be taken on board. When asked about gas pilferage and line losses, he said the international standard for line losses is about six percent, but our line losses stand at eight percent. He however informed that the government has this year set a target to reduce line losses to four percent.