ISLAMABAD - President Zardari and his ruling party PPP are unlikely to go ahead with the planned reshuffle overdue in the Federal Cabinet fearing the move seeking removal of nearly two dozens ill-fated non-performing federal ministers and advisors could backfire. Well-placed sources informed TheNation on Friday that PPP leadership was under extreme stress fearing that the planned move could backfire and cause irreparable political loss. Sources further informed that ruling partys latest trick to realise the goal through pressurising the incumbent ministers and advisors had also fizzled out according to which an impression was being given that countrys premier spy agency ISI had prepared a list of non-performing cabinet members. They were of the view that the move had failed to sail through for simple reason that alleged pressure tactics could not meet the ends simply as ISI had got no political role whatsoever since the abolition of its political wing by the incumbent Army Chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani.