ISLAMABAD (APP)- The exhibition of exquisite paintings and stunning wood nymph series by the prominent artist Raja Changez Sultan opened here Friday at Tanzara art gallery. The display portrayed the artists series of the 'Divided Self and the 'Himalayan Odyssey, and also featuring for the first time 'The Wood Nymph series of spirit-like figures in a landscape setting. The Himalayan Odyssey is a symphony of towering snow-capped peaks of morning mist and overshadowed dells. It is a path illuminated by the reflections of sunlight on the snow and filtering through the deep crevices between towering peaks of the Himalayas. It embodies a passion of unfathomable intensity. The dazzling display of colors and light form an integral part in its overall compositional quality. All the landscape elements of spatial perspective and studies of the foreground and receding background are brought into a single forceful depiction. In his series of Divide Self, the women are shown with pale skin but there is something eerie about their expression, something which makes the viewer pause and contemplate on their somberness and solemnity. The palette is more subdued and his pictures appear to take shape from within the canvas, sculpted onto the surface of the work. Created by adding and subtracting thin layers of paint, there is an inherent unity in his work that springs from his won solitary disposition. Changez Sultan embodies a unique vision. As a painter and poet of equal stature for the past thirty years, he has focused his creative energies on his two principal series, the Divided Self and the Himalayan Odyssey. One allows him to explore the intricacies of the human psyche, while the other is a celebration of the play of light as it strikes mountain form. Mercifully free of any imitation, his work stands apart from his contemporaries by virtue of the painting techniques that he employs. Aiming for the minimal, his canvasses are built up with thin layers of oil paint and the result is a translucent light that permeates all around. The end product is a captivating, mystical experience, wherein one sees a fusion of color, dissolving spaces, dismantling and unveiling of figures and forms with an air of timelessness about them.