ISLAMABAD (APP)- The residents of twin cities are preturbed over increasing fares of local transport in the wake of upcoming Eid-ul-Azha. The people leaving for their hometowns to celebrate Eid with their families are also facing shortage of transport vehicles. They complained against overcharging by transporters more than double by normal fares. The inter-city buses and vans have also increased fares as the passengers wanted to reach their home towns before Eid. This situation is resulting in arguments and exchange of hot words between transporters and commuters, as the travelers are not ready to accept fare increase by the transporters at their own. Such practices are common on routes like Pirwadhai and Karachi company. They keep fares high during Eid and other special days despite their outdated vehicles. They also cram passengers inside and on top of their outdated vehicles. The seat of these vans and buses are also uncomfortable. A commutor, Ali Zain said that they were facing problems while using public transport. Bus and van drivers drive speedily, and dont prevent anyone from passing in front of them, creating a dangerous situation. Similarly, the women commuters are also facing the same situation due to inadequate space allotted for the female passengers. Sana Ali, a lady passenger told this news agency that the attitude of the van conductors was always harsh. She pointed out that the most serious problems was that there was no schedule for public transportation. Commuters demanded the concerned authorities to take strict action against the violators of over-charging near Eid days.