KARACHI - The President of Awami Tehreek, Ayaz Latif Palijo, has said that the PPP government has disappointed the people of Sindh as it fails to serve the interests of the province. Addressing the press conference at Karachi Press Club on Friday, he said that the Long March of Awami Tehreek started from Kandhkot, a tribal hub of the province, on October 8, 2009 entered the City on November 19. The objective of the history-making Long March was to remind the rulers of the country about their promises which they made with the people of Sindh. Palijo said that the participants of the Long March would reach at Mazar-e-Quaid on Saturday (today), while it will culminate on tomorrow (Sunday) at press club, claiming that about one million people will participate in the March from all over the province. The aim of the Long March is aimed at strengthening the peoples democratic struggle for genuine democracy, provincial autonomy, water issues, rule of law, education, NFC Award and new political and social contract between nations of the country based on 1940 Resolution. He termed that the Pakistan has turned into the colony of international forces; while the people of the province are forced to sell their children due to increasing poverty and unemployment, alleging that different prices have been fixed for job vacancies in Sindh government. Counting the woes facing the Sindh, he said that different districts of the province had been awarded to the feudal lords on contract. Palijo said that the doors of educational institutions located in Karachi were closed for Sindhi students, while merely 30 seats had been allotted for thousands of students of the rural Sindh in Karachi University. He warned that the PPP government should take practical steps to guarantee the rights of Sindh; otherwise the people of the Sindh will break relations with it. However, Sindhi people will tell their decision during huge gathering of Long March tomorrow that they are not the farmers of the PPP, as people of Sindh would not follow the feudal lords. He also showed dissatisfaction over the ongoing proceedings of the NFC, saying Sindh contributes 65 per cent in total revenue of country while in return it receives only 23 per cent. Palijo demanded that at least 50-50 per cent weightage be given to population and revenue collection in horizontal resource distribution among the provinces. Chief of Awami Tehreek made it clear that Long March is neither toppling the government nor we will support any coup to topple it. The Long March aims to create awareness among the people of Sindh about their rights, he added.