ISLAMABAD (APP): The sale of ready made garments got momentum after the customers in the twin cities constant complains against the improper stiching by tailors due to heavy work on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha. Most of the tailor masters in Rawalpindi and Islamabad have closed down further bookings for stitching clothes owing to excessive rush much ahead of Eid-ul-Azha. I have visited several tailoring shops in the city and was unable to find anyone that could stitch my cloths, Muahammad Khan, a resident of Islamabad said. However, he added that if he fails to get his clothes stitched, he will have to go for readymade dress. We have already taken cloth for stitching till Eid and have no time to take further orders, Asif Shah, a tailor master in G-10 told this news agency. People, who still have to stitch their cloth, are worried about preparing their new dresses, as it is an Islamic tradition to wear new clothes on Eids. On the other hand, readymade garments are available in the markets with a wide variety which gives people a choice to select dresses according to their taste. When a person gets readymade dress, he needs not to worry about its stitching, however, the fact remains intact that the prices of these garments are mostly out of the reach of a common person. Readymade clothes cost almost three times higher than the price of tailor-made clothes, Sarah Anis, a customer in Commercial Market said. Even if the buyer purchases the best material and pays for stitching, the entire outfit will be quite reasonable and upto the satisfaction in terms of size and stitching. A tailor at Karachi Company, Salman Khan said that almost 70 per cent of clients are not happy with the fittings of readymade clothes.