ISLAMABAD Although President Asif Ali Zardari has given the deadline of December 31 to Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms to accomplish the task of revisiting the constitution, yet ostensibly there seems no hurry on part of the committee, which met here on Friday as per routine under the chair of Senator Mian Raza Rabbani. Though the committee members did not say anything on record but on condition of anonymity some of them said that they were engaged in a very tedious and tricky job of reviewing the Constitution and to do away with the anomalies in it. A member of the committee said that they were taking clause-wise review of the Constitution and were not doing something selective as desired by some mainstream political parties, which are interested in revoking the 17th Amendment, Article 58(2)b and such other things. He further said that they would come up with a comprehensive reforms package and not do 'pick and choose as the impression given from certain quarters that the reforms package would be bifurcated. The sources in the committee said that they were not in favour of any piecemeal deal and would only support the comprehensive reforms package acceptable to all the stakeholders, especially the political forces from the smaller provinces. When his attention was drawn to the presidential directive to the committee to come up with the package by December 31, he said that he could not say anything about it and if the committee completes its work by that time they would present the package before the Parliament. The sources further said that initially the PPP had proposed the issue of compart-mentalization of the constitutional amendments and to take up all those amendments including the 17th Amendment, on which there is a general agreement among the political forces, should be taken first while the matters of discord and disagreement should be taken up in a due course of time by thrashing out differences. The sources said that some members of the committee mainly representing the smaller provinces did not agree to these arrangements and said that a comprehensive constitutional reforms package should be prepared. The sources further said that now the committee was tackling with the issue of provincial autonomy and the abolition of the Concurrent List and to some extent they reached a common ground at least on the matter of abolition of the Concurrent List. The sources further said that now they were discussing the modus operandi to hand over the departments presently working under the federal setup to provinces. The sources further said that another major issue relating to the provincial matter is the renaming of NWFP as Pakhtoonkhawa, as some members have serious reservations over it while ANP was not ready to budge an inch from their stand of getting the province renamed as Pakhtoonkhawa.