ISLAMABAD (APP) Minister for Defence Production Abdul Qayyum Khan Jatoi on Friday asked the Obama administration to review its strategy vis-a-vis Pakistans nuclear arsenal as media outburst against Pakistans nuclear capability reflected trust deficit. Despite the fact that Pakistan and the US are allies for the past 60 years, mistrust over certain matters is uncalled for and animates anti-US sentiments inside Pakistan, said the minister in an exclusive interview with APP. The minister was of the view that the international community should have given credit to the country for the sacrifices its forces and civilians had rendered in the war against terrorism. However, the media outburst and distrust against Pakistan were uncalled for, he deplored. He said Pakistan defence-related products were of such excellence that the country could meet all its demands only with defence exports. However, financial crunch is the main hurdle in the achieving self reliance in defence equipment. We are focusing on increasing our capacity on defence-related equipment despite the fact that we are short of funds. The minister showered praises for the countrys armed forces for their professionalism and capability to face any challenge. Despite the fact that Pakistan is in a war-like situation for the past 30 years and the professionalism, capability and morale of the armed forces is high which is a rare phenomenon. We dont rely on mere weapons and rather capability and courage are hallmark of our troops, The minister said that terrorism was the fallout of Afghan War and the entire nation was behind the armed forces to defeat the menace of terrorism. He said after phenomenal Swat Operation, troops were successfully clearing militants hideouts in South Waziristan and soon the terrorists would be flushed out. He said government had also backed the military operation and the issue of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) was successfully dealt with and they were repatriated to their homes with honour. Elaborating details of Pakistans achievements in Defence Production field, the minister said the country was producing state-of-the-art weapons and its products were acclaimed the world over for their excellence. Due to the excellence of our defence products, we are receiving huge orders from many countries. However, since we are facing financial crunch, we lack resources to meet the demands, he added. Jatoi said Pakistan had received useful cooperation from friendly China in producing defence-related products and JF-17 Thunder plane was a big achievement in this regard. We are going to launch a JF-17 thunder fighter jet on Monday which has been produced with indigenous resources. We are also working on developing Frigates with Chinese cooperation and this project was launched at Karachi Shipyard in April last, he added. The minister said Pakistans Al-Khalid Tank was also famous for its superiority, however, the country was unable to meet the demand for its export due to limited resources. Even, we have produced APCs with our limited resources and this vehicle is state-of-the-art vehicle and is acclaimed for its excellence, he added. About Submarines, the minister said the country was talking with Germany and France for there purchase. The minister said Pakistan was facing a war-like situation since 1980 and this situation had resulted in massive social disorder across country blocking the nation-building process. Schoolgoing children are holding guns today instead of books. Had the democratic norms been promoted in the society, this mindset could have been checked, he remarked. The minister said PPP government was performing in a difficult situation and no one else could dare deliver in such a situation. Despite crisis situation, PPP-led government took 150 policy decisions during the past one and a half year. President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani are leading from the front, he added.