The other day a friend of mine was teaching me how to play the cards game of Rummy. He told me that the game of Rummy was an offshoot of a Mexican game called Conquian. The most interesting thing I was told about Rummy was that we make sets of three to four cards of the same number or make a series of the same group of cards, i.e. all spades or clubs or hearts or diamonds and we can insert the joker card anywhere. This was interesting. While my friend was explaining the use of joker in Rummy, he made a very pertinent political statement also. He said that the joker card is like the MQM. It can fit in any government, be it that of a dictator like Musharraf or a democratic government like that of the PPP we have these days. -HAMMAD ALI, Chak Jhumra, November 20.