The post of the Chief Executive Officer of PAMCO (Punjab Agri Marketing Company), a company owned by the government of Punjab, is lying vacant since February 2009. The company is presently being looked after by a CEO that is working on a temporary basis. Having full realization of the importance and role of the CEO, the government advertised the post in national press. A large number of applicants, including the signatories of this letter, submitted our applications for which the last date was 20th of April 2009. So far, though, no action has been taken with the result that the company is suffering due to lack of having a full-time, qualified and competent man at helm. Whenever we have inquired from the company secretary about progress on this issue, we have been informed that the applications are "pending further action from the higher authorities". We request the government of Punjab to process the pending applications, put an end to the air of uncertainty and fill the post of the CEO of this important organization on merit. -MANY APPLICANTS (Retired Army Officers), Lahore, November 18.