November marks yet another landmark of achievement for the media as it continues to prove itself to be a progressive industry that is not just creating abundant jobs but constantly taking stock of itself to improve its role in the society. The sixteen major channels recently met in Karachi to prepare a code of conduct for live coverage and transmission of terrorism incidents. Self-created guidelines concerning terrorism coverage were discussed and they all agreed on ground rules of coverage to be observed voluntarily. However, due to technical issues of capacity and editorial policy, they could not immediately implement these rules. History bears witness to achievements of the Pakistani media in very trying circumstances. The citizens, thus, have high hopes that is newly proposed framework of rules governing a code of ethics would not just be restricted to terrorism and would be broader-based. Hopefully, if the media continues to evolve with this consistency, a fundamental change would be effected in the country within no time. -ERAJ DANISH, Islamabad, November 19.