The statements by Foreign Ministers of China and Norway and Supreme leader of Iran Ayatollah Khamenei are an attempt to jolt New Delhis and international conscience on Kashmir. The Chinese advice that the dispute with Pakistan needed to be settled should bring home to the Indians the point that big powers are worried about the repercussions of its atrocious treatment of Kashmiris and would want to see the issue amicably resolved rather than allow it to pose a threat to world peace. Likewise, the remarks made by the Iranian Supreme leader that it was the duty of the Muslim Ummah to help and provide assistance to Kashmiris caused so much anger in Indian government circles that Iranian envoy was summoned on Friday to protest. Yet another embarrassment for the worlds so-called largest democracy are the bold comments of Norways Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr who courageously asserted that the Kashmiri uprising was indigenous and that the protesting people who come out on the streets should not be fired at. After all, criticism from a Muslim country might seem natural but from a country like Norway, it presents an embarrassing scenario for the Congress-led government. The Indians must see the writing on the wall and end its brutal occupation of the Valley as soon as possible. With the stance of these three countries, not to mention intellectuals of the stature of Arundhati Roy, it is becoming increasingly clear that the dynamics of the conflict have changed with the passage of time. Given the fact that both Pakistan and India have nuclear weapons, the imbroglio ceases to be a bilateral issue, but has assumed the characteristics of an international tinderbox that could engulf not only South Asia but the entire planet in its dreadful conflagration. But whereas the concern of these states is commendable, President Obama, who has assumed for himself the role of a Messiah in order to bring global peace and stability, turned a blind eye to the Kashmir issue out of fear of displeasing the Indians. But the US, which tends to see things in black and white and has itself been the biggest source of misery to the Muslim countries, as evident from the brutal wars it has waged on Iran and Afghanistan and the drone attacks on Pakistan, it would be a folly to expect it to view the issue without prejudice. The ray of hope, however, is that despite the American guilty silence, other international voices and states are bravely stepping forward in support of Kashmiris.