Sugarcane mills successfully created artificial shortage of sugar and earned billions through black marketing and price hike. Actually, mills are playing great price game now. When the crushing is going to start all over the country, sugarcane mills have started to release sugar in the market. On the other hand, sugar procured by TCP will also go to the market creating a surplus condition. It will bring down the sugar price in the market causing a drop in price of sugarcane too. Hence, the sugar mills will be able to procure the sugarcane at a much lower price. Once the crushing season is over, the prices will start to increase and the cycle will start all over again. Sugarcane mills are looting the poor farmers by paying less. At the same time the common citizens are being fleeced through price hike. Government is requested to protect the nation from such exploiters. MUHAMMAD JAWWAD AZHER, Lahore, November 20.