Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Khursheed Shah has been very vocal in his demand for putting General Musharraf on trial over treason charges.

When in government for five years, the PPP did not open this case how come and why are they making this fuss now. Is this to take away the limelight from the poor performance of the present government on all levels. Does that mean returning the favour to friendly opposition.

Now as before, the ordinary Pakistani is only interested in a leader who can lead them to a better life. Comparing a military dictator or civilian democratic dictator does not help the people as they have been disappointed by both. The country is now facing the worst economic and law and order instability. The politicians have not learnt any lesson from the past. The country does not need any useless cases like the Swiss Bank case or Musharraf case, they need to see some better reforms to help the floundering nation.


Lahore, November 18.