November 30 is becoming significant for Imran Khan and the government. Imran said that he will pull a massive gathering in Islamabad and has created an obvious tension in the government’s camp. He has also said that if his demand, the formation of a commission including ISI and MI to probe the rigging in GE-2013, are not met, he will not let the government function after November 30. Now there is character assassination from PML-N politicians against Imran Khan, while Marvi Memon was quick to reach KPK to stage a sit-in against the illegal detention of IDPs and when they were bailed out, she was pushed out of the province by shouts of ‘Go Nawaz Go.’ The Government’s response to November 30 announcement is not good enough, because if anything goes wrong they will be held accountable as controlling law and order situation is their responsibility.


Lahore, November 16.