Pakistan and Afghanistan have embarked on a relationship and have vowed not to let past acrimony sour the present. In his groundbreaking visit to Pakistan Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has clarified that overcoming the trust deficit between the two countries was the main objective. Both the Afghan President and our Prime Minister spoke warmly, at a joint press conference and it seems that a new relationship is in the offing. Mr. Sharif expanded on his vision for the future and said that a strong and enduring partnership between Pakistan and Afghanistan, contributing to the security and prosperity of both the nations will reinforce peace and development in the region.

Pakistan has very generously offered to increase assistance to Afghanistan’s reconstruction. Pakistan has also taken on the role of trainer for Afghanistan’s security forces and border management. These efforts will hopefully bury the past distrust and make it easier for both sides to work cordially. Terrorism is a menace faced by both countries and we need to tackle it together, to get rid of it once and for all. Let’s hope this new relationship allows us to tackle the real issues at hand and overcome the past.


Lahore, November 17.