S:     Can I speak my mind here? I think you should let him go.

A:     Let him go?

S:     I’m sorry; this must be a hard decision. But your uncle is in immeasurable pain, and the doctors concur that it is only going to get worse. I would understand if there was a way for him to come back, to regain health, but what we have here is an old man in a hopeless, painful condition. Would it be so bad if his end was made easier?

A:     If I’m not mistaken, I think you’re suggesting assisted suicide. In that case, shame on you. Do you really believe I’m capable of letting someone take their own life? Or worse, assisting him for that purpose and becoming complicit in his murder? This is my beloved uncle you’re talking about. Show some respect.

S:     I appreciate your emotions. But, there is no need to get offended. It is only because I know how much you care about him. I remember him when he was well and upright. Quite a life that man has had. But his reality has changed, and you know it. He lies there, in immense pain, incapable of communicating anything, as his body rots away slowly. He was a proud man. I bet if he could talk, he’d ask you to end this unnecessary and unending indignity.

A:     Not all of us are so eager to play God, Sadiq. You’re right... he cannot communicate. Who knows how he feels about this? I can’t make that decision for him. I just can’t. What if I secretly hated him? How can you trust anyone with such a decision?

S:     Would euthanasia have been acceptable to you had he written a will or something?

A:     I don’t know. I don’t think so. The human life means something. Do you have no regard for the sanctity of life? Do you condone suicide as well?

S:     I’m not suggesting any blanket policy. We’re discussing a specific case here, and we’re aware of the facts.

A:     As a human being, I just can’t imagine doing something like this to another human being.

S:     The humane thing, Ameen, is to end a man’s misery. Nature isn’t merciful. It is often brutal. People count on other people to show compassion in these situations. I know it's hard to swallow but ask yourself. Is it really right to hold on to him like this?