If a common Pakistani ever had the privilege to visit the home of a political leaders, retired generals, senior civil bureaucrats or superior courts judges, then a common Pakistani will know why the elite mafia which have been ruling the country are against accountability.  

Why are 20 million Pakistanis sleeping hungry? Why are 25 million children not attending schools? Instead of telling the truth to the people the source of money which was paid for the purchase of expensive properties in London, in the first place. If the money was not dirty money, then why for the last six months Nawaz Sharif is using all the means to avoid the answer, different tactics are used not to allow the accountability.  

And divert the attention of people. Why the NAB failed to take any action? How long the people of Pakistan have to suffer and be ruled by corrupt rulers? Is Pakistan was created for the few families? 

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Lahore, October 24.