I would like to draw the attention of the Prime Minister towards the OM laptop scheme the laptops are distributed in many universities but not based on any proper criteria. I don’t know why HEC has a non-serious attitude towards us students. Because people who have a 2.9 CGPA are getting laptops in NUML and people with a 3.8 CGPA are not getting laptops. I would like to make a complaint to the responsible people of my university who are also unable to redress this situation. Whereas the email given to me said they would fix the situation, however no tangible changes have been made. Now an automated error comes stating that the email cannot be sent. HEC does not treat students in a good manner. The numbers provided by HEC for contact are completely useless. There is no proper criteria of distributing laptops and no one is there to support students. In this way students with good grades are discouraged. This system needs to be upgraded as laptops are going to be distributed on Tuesday but there is no one to hear our complaints. 


Rawalpindi, October 22.