Sehrish Haneef - “Technology without hatred can be a blessing. Technology with hatred is always a disaster.”

Nowadays the world around us is full of technology. We travel through automobiles, air planes. Homes are being decorated with air-conditions, room coolers, and heaters. Movies watched by the public are full of technology adventures.

Among all these, Information Technology is impacting our lives vastly.It is touching our lives; both in a positive and negative way. People communicate with the world through mobile phones, e-mails and different chatting apps.

World is not so far from people’s approach, as they can know about the issues occurring around them through newspapers, news channels, or social media. People are making their lives convenient by using these facilities.It is affecting almost every feature of their lives.

Despite all these welfares, IT is cause of different types of problems in public lives, including, lack of time, different kinds of diseases etc.But, technology is immensely improving our lives, and we all can reflect this.

Basically, what the Information technology is? And how we can define it?

In dictionary terms: It is the study or use of systems (especially computers and telecommunications) for storing, retrieving, and sending information. In other words, it is a mean of communication between the individuals and way by which information can be exchanged between them. It serves us as a source to share our ideas and thoughts with other people.

In the past, people had limited resources for communication like they had to travel miles to give a simple message or convey information from one person to another. There was a decade when messages were in the form of pictures; then in the form of different fonts or alphabets. Messages were conveyed by birds like pigeons. Nowadays, information technology has made this so easier to communicate, send or receive messages throughout the world. Some other benefits of information technology include:

Firstly it is a time saver: As in the past, you had to travel to convey a simple message. But today, it is not essential for us to travel as you can send your piece of information throughout the world in seconds. Online jobs are available. You don’t need to travel to a place for CV submission; you can send this via e-mail, Google accounts, or by any social networking sites.

Connection to job work: People have accessibility to their jobs through online internet working. They can accomplish all their official tasks at their homes or any place other than their offices. This will automatically increase productivity of their company.

Job opportunities: Several job opportunities are available also been know like data programming, research analysis, web application designing etc.  A big chunk of population is availing these opportunities and taking this as a source of earning.

Online learning: Presently, students have opportunities to learn online, and get education. Different networking sites are available, including information related to one’s own interest. You can also apply online for admissions in national or international universities.

Health and IT: Patients are getting online appointments for their checkups. Online reports are available for diagnostic procedures performed. This all is helping to provide a quality of care across the biosphere.

Broadcasting: Different media groups are working throughout the globe. They are disseminating all sorts of news related to health, economical and social issues.

It is a period of seconds to spread news along the world.

A mean of entertainment: IT is a mean of entertainment for us, including YouTube, online movies and dramas. Chatting, video calling, sending and receiving text messages; all these are the blessings of Information Technology.

Disadvantages include: Time waste: People waste their time by using social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, Whatsapp etc.  Most probably young generation is using these sites for time pass.

Elimination of Jobs: Your work is single click away. Paper work can be done easily with these technologies, and due to this companies are looking for new software that can decrease their workload. And they could file as limited people as they can for jobs.

Health issues: Many health issues have been identified due to over use of technology including, vision problems, hearing problems, obesity, muscular problems, stress and insomnia etc.

Social Isolation: It has also been noticed that due to excessive time spent on social sites, one using these them, becomes unaware of the relationships around him like, even blood relationships, friends colleagues etc.

“Disconnect with technology; reconnect with each other”

It has been concluded that Information Technology has both positive and negative aspects, depending upon its usage. If we use it appropriately, it is extremely useful for us. But its overuse could create problems. So rather than wasting time on social media, we can spend this time on learning the use of IT.  “Excess of everything is bad.”