HAFIZABAD-“Justice delayed is justice denied’’ is the principle of law but it has been biggest dilemma in the current judicial system that in most of the cases justice was delayed or denied due to several reasons.
Cases remained pending for adjudication through generations that is why that Chief Justice of Lahore High Court Syed Mansoor Ali Shah has taken revolutionary step to establish Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) centres in all the districts of the Punjab to provide cheap and speedy justice through mediation between the parties, District and Session Judge Muhammad Nawaz said.
The D&SC invited a team of senior journalists to visit the ADR centres to see the mediation being carried out by the Mediator/Incharge of the centre Ilyas Raza, who was sitting in the centre by adoring civilian dress mediating with the parties in a calm, polite and friendly atmosphere. The parties are also served with tea and refreshment. The D&SC further said that all the compoundable criminal cases and civil cases particularly family cases and money disputes are being sent to the centres with the mutual consent of the parties. The centre was playing a vital role in early mediation between the parties in disposing of the prolonged pending cases for building up trust in the judicial system and the parties are being saved from unnecessary wastage of time, energy and money, he said.
He disclosed that so far 210 cases had been referred to the centre, out of which 189 cases had been successfully mediated and the parties particularly children and families had heaved a sigh of relief. Most of the cases were being adjudicated and one of the case was disposed of within 10 minutes, which had proved that the establishment of the centre proved fruitful, he said. In family cases, the centre has saved the lives of scores of families and their children.
To a question, he said that the parties were not being forced but convinced and motivated to agree upon solution to their disputes so that they do not grow into conflicts and prolonged family feuds. He further said that a Sahulat Centre had also been set up in the judicial complex to facilitate the concerned people to get free of cast copy of FIR promptly. He said that ADR centre will shortly be opened at tehsil headquarter.
He urged the media to cooperate with judiciary and play their vital role in creating awareness among litigants to seek disposal of their cases through ADR centre as it would save them from lengthy process and mental torture which is not only expensive but also sheer wastage of time and energy.