HAFIZABAD - Federal Minister for National Health Services, Regulations and coordination called on the citizens particularly the traders to extend unconditional support to the administration for better sanitation and elimination of encroachments for smooth flow of traffic on all thoroughfares.
The Minister along with Deputy Commissioner Saleha Saeed visited different intersections particularly Qatal Garah and Ghora Chowks to review the ongoing campaign for removing encroachments and better hygienic conditions in the city.
Both the minister and the DC held meeting in the municipal secretariat and directed the civic authority officials to ensure removal of encroachments without any discrimination and hassling the citizens.
The traders assured them that they would erect dust bins and would play their due role in the removal of encroachments and better sanitation for beautification of the city.
The minister appreciated the newly-posted DC for taking keen interest in better sanitation in the city. It is pertinent to mention here that after assuming charge, the DC herself has supervised the sanitation campaign. She declared that there would be no compromise on the issue. She categorically declared that “Do not treat her as a woman but as an officer’’ which proved true. She divided the city into different zones and deputed officers of the district administration to supervise sanitation campaign and she regularly made surprise visit to different localities early in the morning and whenever she likes. However, local citizens have called upon the administration to improve sanitary conditions in the narrow streets also.
The citizens have protested against unscheduled and prolonged power breakdowns in the city which deprived them of their bread and butter. The city and its suburbs on Monday experienced worst breakdown of more than six hours continuously. They called upon the Gepco to take pity on the citizens and minimise the duration of loadshedding.