Every political group which emerged through political engineering of so called establishment has done more harm than good to Pakistan. One of these Test Tube Babies was emergence of MQM in Karachi on March 1984 to counter PPP and JI by Zia junta. His tenure witnessed emergence of numerous sectarian, ethnic groups and private militias. The Bombay Bahi criminal culture took over Karachi with its target killers and kidnapping for ransom. Zia’s objective of cornering PPP was not achieved but what emerged was Politics of Violence with all its venom.

The myopic vision of political midgets like Zardari and Nawaz blinded by short term gains nurtured criminal elements within MQM and final lethal dose of glucose was given by Musharraf. It was during Musharraf tenure that Altaf Bhai had audacity to term creation of Pakistan a historical sin in Delhi. This did not deter Musharraf and we witnessed 12 May 2007 carnage in Karachi.

A nation can only be created if the majority of people living within a contiguous area seek a separate national identity and not on any Utopian idea. It is a bitter reality that majority of Muslims who lived in subcontinent, including those from areas that constitute Pakistan, lived in congested walled cities which exist even today in Agra, Delhi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Jullundur etc. Every citizen of Pakistan, including those who migrated in 1947-52 benefitted from vast opportunities and evacuee property left by affluent Hindus. It is the moral and legal obligation of all those who by choice decided to adopt Pakistan as their homeland to integrate and be loyal to it.

It is unfortunate that even after living in Pakistan for 70 years, the sons of immigrants settled in Karachi and few other urban centers of Sindh, although born, raised and educated in Pakistan still call themselves Muhajirs. The irony is that millions of Muslims who migrated from East Punjab, UP etc to settle in Punjab and other parts of country have merged with locals and live there peacefully. After adoption of Urdu as national language and its acceptance by all who lived in former West Pakistan, and declaration of Karachi as federal capital, all those who lived there benefitted most from opportunities it offered.


Lahore, November 10.