Islamabad - The dramatic performance on the love letters of renowned literary personalities on Monday attracted a huge crowd at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA).

The performance of actress Sania Seed on the love letters written by writers Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Josh Malihabadi, Col Muhammad Khan, Amrita Pretam, Majeed Amjad, Fikr Taunsvi, Safia Jan Nisar and Shafiq ur Rehman was greatly admired by the residents of twin cities.

The performance ‘Likhay jo khatt tujhay’ was organised in connection with the 12th National Theatre Festival to mark the 70th anniversary of the Independence Day of Pakistan.

Co-starring with Tajdar Zaidi, Sania Saeed turned to be a centre of attraction and admiration for the right amount of expressions and the emotional flow. The specially designed lights on the stage created a mysterious and mystic environment.

The versatility of rendering expressions is the core potential of Sania Saeed that was at high node. The spellbound audience applauded every other moment to appreciate their favourite artiste especially flown from Karachi to take part in the National Theatre Festival.

PNCA Senior Consultant Munir Ahmed taking about the rare performance by Sania Saeed said: “Letter-writing was the only source of communication some decades back through which the legendary writers as well as the common people used to explore the intensity of their relationship especially the letters written by the lovers and poet had been a literary asset”. He said: “These letters not only show the literary diction and creative flair but also educate and amuse the common readers. The letters are also reflective of the socio-political situation of era when they were written. Unfortunate we would not have personal reflections in the form of letters for the coming generation. Our ignorance would lead to elimination of letter-writing from our lives and our society.”

Munir Ahmed said that Sania Saeed undoubtedly a versatile actress who was groomed through theatrical expressions for the last three decades. She knows as how to use different parts of the stage and play around under the specially designed spot lights.

Letters rendered here this evening brought different facets of life of different writers to the surface. Basically it has been the best way of expressing the personal feelings of legendary writers and intellectuals, and the reason being that it is more natural, simple and to the point.

Rabia Amin, an audience , said that letter to some extent is a very reliable way of understanding one’s real love and sincerity towards literature and for this fact many literary persons show interest in form of literature. Performance based on the literary letters is a rare opportunity to watch, and the artiste Sania did justice to the literary pieces.