One might have seen recent changes in Saudi Arabia. The immediate questions which rise in one’s mind are: what is happening there? where is KSA heading? Should one expect cultural, economical, legal and other changes in the kingdom? I guess, yes! The inauguration of NEOM – the city to digitalize the country’s economy – the nabbing of crucial princes in the wake of corruption charges and other changes are leading KSA towards a lot of political and economical disarray. 

KSA is a country just like the others, though the kingdom prevails, it is affected from globalization and nothing is away from the eye of the world. The new prince is either eager to solidify his regime or to modernize KSA in literal letter and spirit through various reforms. The changes have not come at once. There are external factors too, US being one of them, which is said to be involved in the nabbing of Waleed bin Talal. 

Whatever the new king’s intentions are, they will be revealed in the forthcoming time. The only thing that one should expect is the safety of the holy sites. Whatever happens in KSA, it should not affect the sanctity of the Muslims’ sacred places in any way. 


Lahore, November 11.