In present times, Israel is the only apartheid regime in the world. And its most ardent supporter is no one else but the United States (US). The real face of the US policy on Middle East (ME) has surfaced with force as it has for the first time vetoed the United Nations’ resolution against the illegal Israeli occupation of Golan Heights, which Israel seized from Syria in the war of 1967.

The latest US action can be seen as an attempt to correct with doing another wrong. First, the occupation was wrong. Now the American justification that it vetoed the resolution because of Iran’s military role in Syria is wrong.

The American justification to veto the UN resolution is the repetition of classic colonial and imperial argument that the Syrian regime “lack ... fitness to govern” Golan Heights anymore.” No other American administration had the guts to outrightly veto the UN resolution on Israel’s illegal occupation of the Syrian territories. However, it is different this time as Trump is in the White House.

The US administration is not only ignorant to the mood of the people and other regimes against Israel’s injustices; it is also misjudging the consequences of its unjustified support to Israel for its illegal occupation of the Golan Heights.

The American argument that Iran and Hezbollah are threats to the security of Israel holds no water. Despite America’s insistence that its position on Golan Heights remains the same, the shift in American policy to justify every action of Israel is an omen of endless conflicts in the region.

Accusing the US of partisanship is an understatement. Along with Israel, the US is equally responsible for the instability in the ME. Holding the US accountable for the escalation of the conflicts in the region is neither an exaggeration nor anti-Americanism but an objective analysis of the ground realities.