Polish Oil and Gas Company (POGC) has been working for more than a decade in Khirthar mountains range near city of Wahi Pandhi, west from district Dadu. It has been working carelessly, damaging natural environment and affecting the assets of residents. Many natural ponds are being contaminated and agricultural lands being deserted by chemical wastages of oil and gas refinery; resultantly, birds, fishes, domestic animals and wild life animals are being affected severely.

Apart from their chemical wastages, the company has also been causing environmental degradation by plundering of trees. Furthermore, residents are deprived of their rights from the company as constitution bestows the rights of locals on the company when natural resource extracting company is working in their area.

These people are not given any royalty for cutting of trees in their area or losses of their cultivable lands. It is requested to concerned authorities to take remedial and strict actions against the company’s heinous acts. It is high time that concerned authorities looked into the matter of indigenous people from the company’s maltreatment with locals and also, saved their environment since company has to go after completing its work, leaving long-lasting effects on environment; but locals will always be the locals there.


Sindh, November 4.