ISLAMABAD    -    Nepal’s ambassador to Pakistan HE Ms Sewa Lamsal met with Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) Minister Dr Fehmida Mirza at her office on Wednesday.  Lamsal apprised the minister that sports play instrumental role in promoting peace and harmony. “All the SAG nations have given positive response on Nepal’s invitation regarding participation in the 13th SAG, which will be held in Nepal from December 1 to 10.”

Accepting the invitation to visit Nepal, Dr Fehmida said she is eagerly waiting to visit Nepal. “Sports play the role of bridge between nations and athletes. SAG provide SAARC countries a platform to help each other, by conducting the Games, the economy and democracy in Nepal will surely get huge boost. Democracy is fast strengthening its roots in Nepal. I have sent the summary to PM Imran Khan to visit Neapl. In case, I won’t be able to attend the SAG opening ceremony, then IPC Secretary Akbar Hussain Durrnai will attend it as a head of the delegation.” The IPC Minister said they are holding camps for the national athletes.  Lamsal prayed that best athlete should win. “The visit of Pakistani contingent will provide opportunity to people of Nepal to serve you. We have already enjoyed the hospitality of Pakistanis.” Dr Mirza informed Lamsal that the PM has directed all the ministers to pay special attention on government affairs. “We will continue to help each other on regional platform. Due to certain reasons, Nepal could not host ‘Made in Pakistan Exhibition’ this year. We celebrate all events with lot of zeal.”

Lamsal said if PM Imran Khan visits Nepal, it will be a great honour for them. “We are expecting two million people to visit Nepal under ‘visit Nepal 2020’. We will get chances to learn a lot from Pakistan.” Dr Mirza said: “We need to further strengthen Mutual Business Council. We need to enhance bilateral trade especially to boost cooperation in tourism. We need to cooperate in climate change.”  Lamsal responded saying, “Dr Mirza presence will boost Pakistani contingent morale. We are hoping this time Pakistan will win more medals.” Dr Mirza said: “We will invite all the SAARC countries to visit Pakistan Sports Complex next year.”