LAHORE - A four-member ‘gang of negligent technicians’ has been contaminating the Pathology Department of Mian Munshi Hospital, it is learnt reliably.

Weeks ago, Medical Superintendent Dr Noor Muhammad wrote a letter to Specialised Healthcare and Medical Education Secretary Momin Agha for ‘transferring’ the technicians, but to no avail.

Months ago, the hospital head sprang into action after a three-doc probe panel declared that all the four lab technicians – Muhammad Rafique, Javed Akhter, Qaisar Shabir and Imran Younas – had been found guilty of serious dereliction of duty.

“Four employees of Government Munshi District Headquarters Teaching Hospital have been found guilty of unprofessional behaviour,” observes the probe panel.

Copies of fact-finding report and proceedings of jury consisting of Dr Shehbaz Asghar, Dr Mubarak Ahmad and Dr Umer Farooq were also attached with the letter to the secretary.

The internal investigation began after Head of Pathology Department Dr Mehmood Javed took the lid off sheer negligence.

The jury clearly mentioned the officials’ refused to join the investigation so that they could clarify their position. All of the four accused skipped the probe process till the verdict of committee in favour of Dr Mehmood Javed.

Experts from recommendations: “The inquiry committee unanimously recommended that for the smooth working atmosphere of the Hospital and better functioning of Pathology Department. All four above mentioned lab technicians must be shifted / transferred from this hospital. Moreover, it is further requested that suitable substitutes may also be provided for smooth functioning of pathology department of this hospital in the best public interest.” Having enjoying the backing of some influential people, the corrupt crew have nothing to do with their duties and continued corrupt practices.

This gang also went through same kind of ‘punishment’ in 2018 when Ganga Ram Hospital MS Dr Fayyaz Butt took action on the directives of chief secretary.