Character before career. One of the best thing about our Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan whose most of life’s time was spent in visiting foreign countries mainly UK, USA and other European countries but since he has become Prime Minister of Pakistan is rarely seen wearing any costume other than national dress i.e. shalwar and kameez. If it is tried to remember it would be hard to find any of his picture or video in which he can be seen wearing shalwar and kameez before becoming PM.

Well, this gesture tell us that he is sort of person who is not inspired by anyone’s life style and specifically from western life. It is rightly said that one whosoever inspires from anyone he/she ultimately comes under his control, pressure and influence. So it is enough evidence that he cannot be manipulated as he is little wayward and does what he thinks right. Even our Prime Minister wear local made slippers which is usually called Peshawari slipper.