ISLAMABAD-Hundreds of students belonging to different regions of Pakistan or abroad are facing difficulties as the capital’s administration continues to evacuate student hostels from all residential areas of Islamabad.

The administration of Islamabad had recently come into action in evicting every student hostel in the residential areas of the capital.

According to the officials of Capital Development Authority (CDA), the number of hostels evacuated yet has reached up to 80 to 85.

This forceful eviction of students from hostels is being held in every sector of Islamabad. The last place where student hostels in the capital city were able to survive was Sector E-11, because of a legal ambiguity about whether or not the CDA’s by-laws apply there. However, last month, E-11 also faced an operation against student hostels by the CDA.

“According to the laws of our constitution, student hostels cannot be built on residential areas of the capital. Commercial buildings are there, students should seek them for living,” a high rank official of CDA managing this hostel eviction issue stated. According to the senior official, 80 to 85 hostels were evacuated till now.

Briefing about the problems caused by students living in residential areas, the official explained the technical issues like the structure of a residential house and its features are settled for up to 12 persons per house max, but the hostels among these houses contain 7 to 8 times more people than an average house. And because of this overload, he said, “shortage of water and drainage issues occur when a residential house is overloaded or crowded. And in case of emergency like fire, there is no emergency exit system for 60-70 people in residential house structures.”

When asked about the solution to this emerging student problem, the official replied, “universities should include the accommodation plan for its students while structuring their buildings or if they need or require additional space, they can ask CDA and we will sort it out.” He also advised students to move to commercial buildings which can handle a crowd or a load.

The official also stated that providing hostels for students was not CDA’s responsibility, instead it was universities’ responsibility to accommodate their students coming from farther areas.