Three weeks back President Trump said that he would love to meet Iran’s President but then he takes a big U-turn and said that Iran is involved in Saudi Attacks. The foreign policy of USA has a question mark regarding Iran. President Trump changes his statement by and again. On the other hand Rouhani said that talk with USA were possible only if the sanctions were lifted. Pakistan is asked by USA to play the role of a mediator between US-KSA and Iran. It will be in our national interest if we play the role of a mediator. Our relations with Iran are in a situation of disarray for a long time. The reason behind this is that our priority has always been KSA because of oil and funds. We need to improve our relations with Iran at any cost. PM Imran Khan is the only hope in this case. The previous governments did not take that seriously. We must learn one thing that in international community our friends and enemies change with the passage of time but our neighbors remain constant. It’s imperative that we make our relations better with Iran. The question is, Are we in a situation of becoming a mediator? The foreign policy needs to answer it.