Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murd Ali Shah has denied having any links to the target-killer Yousuf "Thailay Wala", just a day after Farooq Sattar, a Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader, was accused of sheltering the same man for a month.

“Neither do I have links with the accused, nor have I ever met him,” said the chief minister while speaking to media. “In 2017 Yousuf was in custody of the Pakstan Rangers, not the police.”

In a court testimony, the target-killer had claimed that the leadership of the MQM in London sent him directives, and this was his method of acquiring targets to kill. According to his testimony, while on the run from security forces, Farooq Sattar helped him find shelter for a month.

"We do not have any ties with each other neither do I know the accused,” Sattar said in response to questions of his alleged involvement with the target-killer, who has been accused of killing 96 people. 

The "Thailay Wala" had stated in a video that he had met CM Shah personally, although CM Shah himself says that this was a claim coerced out of him.