Like every year the Government Modal Town Library Lahore will be closed for one month from 1st November to 30th November in the wake of an annual audit. Hundreds of CSS (Central Superior Services) aspirants use to come here daily for concentrated study and most of them are outsiders. This one-month complete shutdown of the library will not only disturb their routine but also put their future on stake knowing that the exams are going to be held on February 2020. A one month complete close of a public library for the sake of audit is flabbergasting.

There are two main study halls upstairs and one of them which used to be the newspaper’s section is empty and there are no chairs and tables to sit in and study. Everyone can take their books in the aforementioned halls and study.

The authorities concerned are requested to arrange necessary furniture (chairs and tables) in the newspaper’s section and keep these halls functional rather than a one-month complete shutdown of all activities. This will not only mitigate the sufferings of students but also allow them to carry their studies without any interruption and interval.