UNO was founded on October 24,1945 after two deadly wars WWI and WWII because think tanks thought that world can’t bear such immense loss and massacre on tiny issues, so they founded that organization. The principal mission of UNO is to maintain world’s peace and to provide a platform for dialogue that is why its motto is “Its your world “. Misfortunately we can see this biggest organization unable to provide certain relief to the muslim world which is its prime duty and aim of creation. Kashmir issue is very important and sensitive that is discussed many times in UN general assembly and resolutions are also passed but there is no any practical action, relief and justice for poor Kashmiris.

Recently prime minister of Pakistan Mr: Imran khan defined each and every malevolence and inhumanity in UN general assembly regarding Valley done by India but there is no positive output be seen yet. Now its necessary for UNO to perform their real duty and provide assuagement to the Muslim world as other religions people or else we muslims will look on that this world’s biggest organization only shows partiality and made only for others except muslims.


Dadu City.