KARACHI - A timely intervention by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) air traffic controller (ATC) forced an American army aircraft to return back after it entered into Pakistani airspace without authorization.

A US military jet entered into Pakistani airspace without any permission in the Karachi region from Muscat. The pilot of the jet was asked to show the permission letter and the code, but the pilot denied it, reported ARY News on Wednesday, citing sources.

The warning of the air traffic controller forced the pilot to leave Pakistani airspace.

Meanwhile, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) officials have informed the higher authorities about the violation of Pakistani airspace. The authority claimed that the US jet had tried to enter into Pakistani airspace from the Karachi region without having the relevant clearances and codes. The US plane was coming from Muscat and CAA claimed the air traffic controller in the area immediately sent out a warning, so the aircraft was forced to head back. The US side has yet to comment on the reports.

Last week, CAA’s air traffic controller had saved a foreign airline en route Muscat from India’s Jaipur from a dangerous accident in the airspace of Karachi Region that lost control following thunderbolt.

The flight, WY-276, of Oman Air lost his control at the altitude of 38,000 due to lightning strike which suddenly descended to 36,000 amid bad weather conditions while flying over Sindh’s Chor town. The pilot of the aircraft carrying more than 150 passengers placed ‘mayday’ call while flying over Sindh’s Chor town after being caught into an emergency situation. Following the mayday call, the CAA’s air traffic controller showed professionalism and guided the WY-276 flight’s pilot which saved the aircraft from colliding in the air with other planes.