ISLAMABAD   -   The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Friday while giving last chance sought comments from Ministry of Defence in a petition seeking to remove the name of Lt Gen (reted) Asad Durrani, former Chief of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), from the Exit Control List (ECL). The court remarked that the ministry had already stopped the pension and incentives of Durrani as punishment then why it still wanted his name on ECL. Justice Mohsin Akhter Kiyani of THE IHC conducted hearing on petition filed by Asad Durrani seeking travel permission. His name was placed on ECL over writing a controversial book and an inquiry was initiated against him. At the outset of hearing, Additional Attorney General (AAG) Tariq Khokher adopted the stance that he would apprise the court regarding the matter after taking instructions from federation. Justice Kiyani remarked that how the interior and defense ministries were working. The petitioner’s benefits and pensions had already been abolished as punishment, he said, adding that the situation would be different if he was required to be sent in jail.