HYDERABAD-The experts and scholars on Friday underlined the need of adopting joint collaboration between universities and industries so that future generation could get job opportunities and pool share for achieving the set goals of progress and prosperi-ty of the country.

They emphasised this while sharing their experiences and later forming recom-mendations after conclusion of two day national conference on emerging trends in information and engineering technologies, organised by Faculty of Engineering and Technology University of Sindh Jamshoro.

In their recommendations, the experts suggested that the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) University of Sindh should come forward to collaborate with software houses, especially Pakistan Software Bureau and related engineer-ing industries to prepare students for the challenges posed in the field of infor-mation and engineering technologies.

The FET should develop software like facebook and youtube by which millions of dollars could be earned which would help the country revive its economy, they added.

They said that it was not the function of universities now to teach and award de-grees but these institutions had to jointly work with industries. The FET should al-so liaison with concerned industries and carry out research collaboration with them which could stem unemployment in Sindh and the country at large, they suggested.

They emphasised that the universities of engineering and technologies should train their graduates in a way that they after seeking degrees get jobs quickly in both national and international job market.

Being the oldest university of Pakistan, they called upon the University of Sindh Jamshoro to foster relations with relevant industries and get its students practical-ly trained from them. By this way, the students will develop skills and get abilities to grab employments, they hoped.

They said that both federal and provincial governments should extend their all-out financial support to the University of Sindh Jamshoro and other varsities for research, so that they might conduct quality studies and help the centre in its economy consolidation. More national and international conferences to be organ-ised in future to provide learning experiences and interacting opportunities to the researchers and scholars of University of Sindh, they emphasised.