KARACHI  -  Health of Alisha, the four-year-old victim of gang rape in Kashmore, is improving at the National Institute of Child Health (NICH).

Dr Jamal Raza said the chest tube had been removed from the child as she was rapidly recovering her health. “Alisha is feeling good now”, the doctor was quoted as saying.

Alisa was admitted to NICH in critical condition after being sexually molested.

On Nov 12, 2020, a mother and her four-year-old child girl were gang-raped in Kashmore district of Sindh.

According to the reports, the woman and her daughter were subjected to rape and torture in Kashmore district of Sindh for four days.

It may be recalled that it was ASI Buriro to whom the victim woman had reached out after her daughter was abducted, and acting swiftly, he allowed the woman to take his own daughter as to lure in the gang.

The woman then phoned the abductors and had ASI’s daughter to speak with them upon which they decided a meeting point where the police cut the catastro-phe short and recovered woman’s daughter.