ISLAMABAD-Rihanna sported straight hair, with short bangs covering her forehead and a voluminous swath of longer hair that was fanned out in back and featured brunette highlights. The singer caused a stir back in 2013 when she debuted the low-key hairstyle at New York Fashion Week. Back then, her hair was shorn closer to her skin on the sides of her head, and the party in the back section was thinner. More recently, Miley Cyrus has been helping to rehabilitate the mullet’s reputation. Her new look helped frame her chunky black sunglasses and her earrings.Rihanna complemented her working class hairdo with a black tank top for the metal band Pantera, which featured a large marijuana leaf over her chest and could be found online for $30. She matched her top to her flowing pants, which were covered in abstract green and white patterns. They flared at the bottom and had slits exposing her legs and her pointy white corset pumps from her own Fenty label, which featured criss-crossing straps running up to her ankles.